Friday, 8 April 2011


Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) and University of Zambia Department of Political and Administrative Studies (UNZA-DPAS) have completed the collection and analysis of field data on the State of Democracy Assessment project which started last year in June.
Project national co-ordinator MacDonald Chipenzi announced the completion of the data collection saying the assessment  was aimed at establishing the state of democracy and progress made towards consolidating it in Zambia through collecting people’s views on a large range of themes.
Chipenzi explained that the data was collected in five provinces of Zambia and named them as Luapula, Lusaka, Copperbelt, Southern and North-Western.
He furthed explained that the researchers used household questionnaires, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) and Stakeholders interviews.
“The theme assessed were; Citizenship, law and Rights, independence of the media, integrity in Public service, Corruption, the electoral process, decentralisation, civil and economic rights and political participation among others,” said Chipenzi. “Following the completion of the research and field activities, the Assessment Research Team is now in the process of compiling a draft assessment report after which the findings will be shared and subjected to validation by key stakeholders through structured dissemination forums. The validation process will aim at soliciting further views from the public and stakeholders on the validity of the assessment findings before a final assessment report is produced and published.”
Chipenzi further announced that the assessment findings would be disseminated within the next two weeks.
“However, preparatory activities on the commencement of the actual dissemination activities are scheduled to start next week. It is our earnest appeal to the general public to take keen interest in the assessment as it will inform them on how the country has progressed in its democratic consolidation since 1991,” he said.

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