Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Zambians in various states of the Unites States of America yesterday celebrated the country’s 48th Independence.
Zambians in Baltimore, Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles held events commemorating the country’s independence.
And officiating at the independence celebration in Baltimore, Charge Affairs at the Zambia Embassy in Washington DC has commended the relationship that has grown between the Zambian Community and the Embassy in recent years.
Mr. Kangwa He said this at this year's Independence celebrations to mark Zambia's Independence Day in Baltimore. He urged the community to observe the rule of law in the host country by not engaging in activities that would put the name of Zambia in disrepute.

Independence Celebrations, Baltimore 2012. Former ZNBC
Staff from left Ben Kangwa, Leslie Masuku and Patricia Littiya
Mr. Kangwa said the Embassy was there to act as a bridge between Zambians and Americans and that it was important for Zambians to grow the relationship further economically and politically.
He urged the Zambians in the US to invest back home adding that the country, boasts of rapid economic growth with it being an investment destination of choice.
This contained in press release by First Secretary for press at the Zambia Embassy in Washington DC, Patricia Litiya.

Friday, 26 October 2012


Dr Solomon Jere

President Michael Sata has with immediate effect appointed Lusaka Division Police Commissioner Dr Solomon Jere to the position of Deputy Police Inspector General.
In a letter to Dr. Jere, President Sata congratulated him on the appointment, adding that he is confident that Dr. Jere will perform to his expectations and those of the Zambian people.
This is contained in a statement made available to The Globe in Lusaka today by State House Special Assistant to the President for Press and Public Relations George Chellah.
 President Sata thanked former Deputy Inspector General of Police, Peter Chingaipe for the services he rendered to the nation during his tenure of office.
And the President has further appointed Dr. Muyenga Atanga as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply and Communication.  
Dr. Atanga replaces Major Francis Kamanga who was recently retired in public interest.


MMD president, Nevers Mumba

The Opposition Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) has urged the Patriotic Front (PF) government to give its coherent planning pertaining to the economic frontline for the country.
MMD president, Nevers Mumba, says it serves no purpose singing the song of peace without sorting out matters of poverty which remain outstanding and continue to ravage the majority people.
Commenting on remarks by motivational speaker, Myles Munroe, who was recently in the country that Zambia cannot eat peace, Dr Mumba advised the PF government to explain a clear economic guideline and some of its strategic ways of fighting hunger across the country.
In an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka today, Dr Mumba said without an effective plan, no economic achievement can be recorded despite the persistent talk on the significance of maintaining peace and order.
He alleged that the PF government had not made a concrete national plan which could set the ball rolling for the country's national development.
Dr Mumba further denied offering assistance to any developmental scheme, saying the PF wanted to be in office and therefore it was its onus now to deliver what it promised its electorates.
He said the former ruling party, the MMD, is only waiting to see the PF bring development to all parts of the country.
Dr Mumba, however, praised government for showing great commitment towards combating corruption, poverty and high unemployment levels across Zambia.

Thursday, 25 October 2012


MMD vice president for politics Micheal Kaingu’s daughter Iris has been fined K10, 080,000 or face nine months simple imprisonment in default.
Iris who appeared before Resident Magistrate Prince Mwiinga looked calm before a fully packed court room clad in a truck suit.
This is in a matter in which Iris Kaingu aged 21 was charged with making obscene cinematographic films tending to corrupt morals contrary to the laws of Zambia.
Earlier, defence lawyer Christopher Mundia applied for contempt of court on the Post Newspaper saying that he was misquoted when he was quoted as saying that Iris was from the royal family.
He said he does not remember saying her client was from the royal family.
He further also said that members of the public should not have commented on the matter as the case had not yet been concluded.
“I don’t see the basis on why the matter should be discussed when it’s not concluded, the media should record correct proceedings of the court,”he said.
In response Magistrate Mwiinga said that what the media report has no bearing on his decision as he makes decisions based on what is before him adding that his decision will not be influenced by anybody.
When passing the sentence Magistrate Mwiinga said that he had taken into consideration the mitigation presented by the defence in which they said that the convict was a first offender and that she was only aged 20 when the offence was committed.
He further said he also considered that Iris had lost her career having been expelled as a student from the Zambia Institute of Accountancy Studies (ZICAS).
The Magistrate also said that he had considered that she did not personally cause the publication of the material adding that he did not find aggravated circumstances in the case when arriving at the decision.
Magistrate Mwiinga also said that this was the second case he was dealing with in seven months which clearly shows that there is an increase in the prevalence.
He said he also considered that the convict did not show any remorse during trial and that the two nights spent in custody should have served as a lesson to her.
Magistrate Mwiinga said that he had exercised leniency based on those grounds in the hope that she had learnt a lesson out of it.
He then said that the destruction of the material should be done after 14 days if there is no appeal raised.