Monday, 28 November 2011


Luapula Province Minister Davis Mwila has taken to task a Human Resource Development Officer at Kabunda  Stage Two Rural Health Post in Mwense over deteriorating sanitary condition at the institution
Robert Siwale was at pains to answer to the Minister who asked him why the sanitary condition at the institution had not changed even after he was advised to ensure that that the situation improved, during the Minister’s tour of the institution last time.
ZANIS reports that Mr Mwila wondered why the institution has failed to maintain good sanitary condition when it receives monthly grants from the Government.
He said the Ministry of health is allocated more funds than any other ministry in the country and therefore there should be no excuse for failure to improve standards at the institution.
The Minister said Government will ensure that all institutions in the country are up to the standard before ensuring enough medication. 
The Provincial Minister made the remarks recently when he toured Mwense  

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