Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Local Government and Housing Minister, Professor Nkandu Luo has called for team work amongst Councillors and Council Management if they are to enhance development in there councils.
Speaking when she addressed three meetings for Council Workers, Councillors, and Management in Luangwa District over the weekend, Prof. Luo said team work will change the bad image that society has portrayed about councils.
Prof. Luo pointed out that time for politics ended on 20th September 2011 and that now was the time to deliver services to the people.
The Local Government Minister said people in communities were now expecting councils to work by providing services and not politicking.
Prof. Luo said Councils have become disgraced institutions where people have lost confidence in them and it was time that they brought back that confidence.
She said councils in the past have been involved in a lot of illegal transactions especially involving land and other services and this had made people lose confidence in these institutions.
Prof. Luo said her ministry and government will not allow this to go on saying it was time that councils brought back the dignity that they deserve.
She said team work was cardinal to any development.
She urged the gathering that they should work with the Patriotic Front-PF government under the good leadership of President Michael Chilufya Sata who wants to bring change in the lives of people and the country.
And Luangwa District Council Chairman, Vincent Nyangu appealed to Prof. Luo to find a way on how Councillors and the Local Government Commission can work in harmony.
Mr Nyangu said the Local Government Commission has made Councillors toothless as they have no say on the Senior Management because they are disciplined by the Commission.
He told the Minister that the Commission was now transferring erring officers to other councils where they continue with their bad behaviours.

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