Wednesday, 17 July 2013


NAREP has promised the people of Zambia value based change by making our values the basis of all that we do. As a party, we know that that the Zambians at grassroots level are an invaluable asset to the country’s progression and we are committed to making change happen through community organising. Over the years, NAREP has tirelessly engaged with the grassroots of Zambia and has sought avenues to further enhance this engagement.
In 2013, we re-affirmed this commitment by becoming a member of Movement for Change, one of the UK's biggest success stories in recent history at revitalising politics at grassroots level. An organisation piloted by David Miliband and launched as an organisation with Ed Miliband’s support in 2011, Movement for Change “uses the power of community organising to make change happen”. NAREP is undertaking on-going training/mentorship with the movement and learning new ideas on how best to organise at grassroots level in Zambia.
The positive change in the way we do politics as Zambians starts within the community. As a political party, we understand and appreciate that we are accountable to every Zambian and that politics should be driven at community level. In line with the Movement for Change, NAREP seeks “to reconnect politics with people’s everyday lived experience.”
Recently, we were privileged to be invited to attend the Movement for Change summer party in London where three of the NAREP UK members represented the party fresh from celebrating their first year anniversary as a branch of NAREP. The event also marked David Miliband’s last engagement before taking on his new role as head of the International Rescue Committee in New York. Commenting on the event attended by some Labour Party MPs and David Miliband as guest speaker, NAREP UK Chairman Pascal Nsokolo who was present said, "We at NAREP were thrilled to have been invited to join in the summer party celebrations and launch of the on-line interactive platform for Labour Party activists.
We believe that working with the Labour Party through the Movement for Change provides us with a very good opportunity to use their experience and expertise to better understand how to engage with the grassroots, as we continue to grow our party.”
NAREP promotes a message that gives people hope that there can finally be a connection between putting a politician in to office and seeing change in the communities that elected leaders are supposed to represent.

Tchiyiwe Thandiwe Chihana
Publicity and Communications Secretary

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