Thursday, 21 November 2013


UNIVERSITY of Zambia (UNZA) students are rioting following the death of their fellow student from suspected typhoid. According to sources at UNZA, the students ran amok after news broke out that one of their colleagues had died from suspected Typhoid this morning. The students trooped of the classrooms and boycotted lectures before starting to chant slogans in condemnation of the sanitation condition at the highest learning institution. Some of the students blocked and stoned some vehicles on the Great East road, prompting some motorists to divert. There was panic among UNZA workers and motorists as the students caused commotion.
Quick action by armed paramilitary police officers prevented the students from causing damage to property and vehicles. After the police arrived at the campus, some of the students who had gone for lectures were fished out of the lecture rooms and told to retreat to their respective rooms. There is currently heavy presence of armed police officers at the campus. The name of the student who has died is yet to be established.

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