Wednesday, 19 November 2014


Edgar Lungu
PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu came out fighting today when he announced that he will thump his rivals in the Central Committee or at the General Conference.
Speaking when he appeared on Lusaka radio station, Hot FM's breakfast show, which was broadcasting from his ministerial house in Woodlands, Lungu stated that he was comfortable with any mode of adoption and his rivals were no match.
Lungu also dispelled bribery allegations that were made by former Defence Minister, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, that Lungu had promised jobs to MCCs and paid Members of Parliament.
"They say I have no money, so how can I bribe anyone? I think GBM does not know our leaders in the Central Committee and our Members of Parliament. They can't be bought. This is an insult to the honourable leaders".
Lungu has received endorsements from the Central Committee and 70 Members of Parliament who include eleven Cabinet Ministers.
Lungu stated that he would honour the memories of President Sata by keeping the party united and ensuring the development agenda he embarked upon was completed.

He stated that PF had many leaders and his colleagues were free to challenge him
when he was asked if the anointed or chosen one he said was; "I don't know whether I am the chosen or anointed one. Many will claim that. But President Sata appointed me to so many portfolios and gave me more responsibilities"
"Even when I was being adopted as member of parliament for Chawama, my enemies told Mr. Sata that the man enjoys his bottle, he has no family and he has no home. But off course these were all malicious lies, here you are guys. you have seen. I have my beloved wife, my children, and my grandchildren".
Lungu also took time to chart his life from the Copperbelt, to the University of Zambia and spoke about his practice as a lawyer.

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