Wednesday, 4 January 2012


President Michael Sata
President Michael Sata is happy of his Government’s performance within its first 90 days in office, from September 23rd to December 23rd 2011.
President Sata said his Government made considerable progress in fulfilling most of the campaign promises it made to the Zambian people prior to the September 20 tripartite elections.
He said his Government will work harder to ensure that the people of Zambia get the constitution they deserve.
The President said he was happy that the constitution making processing has gained momentum following the technical committee he appointed to draft the constitution.
President Sata said the technical committee has drafted its own terms of reference and has come up with the road map for the delivery of a people driven constitution that will stand the test of time.
The Head of State said this in his address to the nation on New Year's eve under the theme ‘Renewing Hope: Creating Opportunities for Achieving a Better Life for All’. This was broadcast on both television and radio station of the Zambia National broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC).
“The Patriotic Front promised the people of Zambia lower taxes, more jobs, and more money in the pocket during its tenure of office. The Patriotic Front also made a serious undertaking to fight corruption and good governance,” he said.
He said in the approved 2012 budget, people earning K2million and below per month have been exempted from Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE) tax.
The President further said through Government interventions, most of the commercial banks have lowered their lending rates to enable more people, especially those who own or intend to set up small and medium businesses, to borrow at reduced rates.
President Sata said Government has furthermore reduced the price of  fuel thereby lowering the cost of doing business.
He added that the abolishing of user fees in health institutions has increased people’s access to health services resulting in some savings accruing to the citizens.
“This again means more money in the pockets. Going forward, we shall continue to find more ways of increasing the money in our people’s pockets. This is only the beginning,” he said.
The President also stated that his administration has made progress in issues regarding good governance by initiating measures to enhance media freedom which has lead to professional and fair reporting by both the private and public media houses.
He stressed that the rule of law will continue to prevail and that the fight against corruption will be intensified.
“In this vein, a number of commissions of inquiry to probe matters pertaining to management of public affairs and corporate governance have been set up. These interventions are aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in the nation and ensuring that public funds are used for the intended purpose of providing goods and services to the people,” Mr. Sata stated.
And President Sata has said it was his administration’s resolve to revive the hope of the Zambian people through well planned and executed socio-economic programmes for the development of the country as reflected in his Patriotic Front (PF) manifesto.
“I am fully aware that high levels of poverty still pose a challenge to our nation’s development aspirations. The majority of our people have lived in poverty for a long time to an extent that they have lost hope of ever coming out of it,” he said.
He said his government was therefore determined to improve the quality of life of the people in order to create a better Zambia for all.
President Sata stated that in this regard, the implementation of pro-poor social and economic programmes will be top priority for his government.
He said his government was currently and will continue to implement the social cash transfer scheme on pilot basis in a number of districts to cushion the sufferings of most vulnerable people in society.
The Head of State also stated that Government has increased the budgetary allocation to the agriculture sector with the intent to expand both the farmer input support programme and irrigation infrastructure as well as livestock production among others.
“Such measures are intended to trigger growth in the agriculture sector and create opportunities for employment for our people,” he said.
Meanwhile, President Sata has challenged all citizens to play an active role in national development saying no country can achieve its social and economic development goals without the active participations of its citizens.
He said in order to enhance active and meaningful participation of citizens in the development process, the PF Government will in 2012 accelerate the implementation of the decentralisation of its administration to bring it as close as possible to the people.
The President also pledged his Government’s commitment to maintain and enhance international relations and cooperation by forging mutually beneficial bilateral and multilateral relations.
And President Sata has urged Zambians to avoid over indulgence as they celebrate the New Year in order to minimise fatalities and human suffering during the festive period.

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