Tuesday, 5 March 2013


15:51 Cord's Kalonzo Musyoka says coalition is optimistic of victory; urges supporters to remain calm and await final vote count.
15:50 The National Tallying Centre at the Bomas of Kenya has received results from 13,004 polling stations out of 31,981. Uhuru Kenyatta is in the lead with 2,650,475. Raila Odinga follows with 2,052,008 votes. The rejected votes’ tally stands at 309,984.
15:40 Jimmy Angwenyi elected Kitutu Chache MP after garnering 15,035 votes. Patrick Asuma with 6,364 votes was second. Mr Angweyi beat 13 other contenders.
15:27 Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,630,000 (53pc) while Raila Odinga is at 2,032,226 (41pc). Rejected votes are at 307,288. 40 per cent of the polling stations in the country –12,919—have submitted their results to the National Tallying Centre so far.
15:25 Former Sigor MP Wilson Litole (ODM) loses his seat to Philip Rotino of URP. Mr Rotino polled 8, 941 votes against Mr Litole who got 7, 527. Kanu’s Francis Ruto managed 2, 652 votes.
15:22 Man arraigned in a Muranga court for bribing voters in Kiharu. Francis Ngobu fined Sh300,000 or a three-year jail term in default.
15:17 Ballot boxes are seen at the EA School of Aviation at the Embakasi East constituency tallying centre.

Ballot boxes are seen at the EA School of Aviation at the Embakasi East constituency tallying centre March 5, 2013. CAROLINE WAFULA
15:13 From 12,850 polling stations, Uhuru Kenyatta at 2,614,444 and Mr Raila Odinga at 2,017,746. Rejected votes are 305,328.
15:08 IEBC has said it will investigate the cause of high number of rejected votes.
15:00 12,796 polling stations have submitted results. Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,604,048; Raila Odinga has 2,008,592. Rejected votes now at 303,888 votes.
14:46 Newcomer Boniface Otsiula (18, 072) of New Ford Kenya clinches Bumula parliamentary seat after beating Ford Kenya’s Bifwoli Wakoli (11, 946).
14:40 Uhuru Kenyatta 2,590,393; Raila Odinga 2,001,651. Musalia Mudavadi 136,351. Results from 12,755 of the polling stations. The rejected votes are at 302,424. Disputed votes are at 176.
14:37 TNA's Tiras Ngahu wins the Kangema parliamentary seat with 31,939 votes.
14:30 Presidential provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta has polled 2,574,815, while Raila Odinga has 1,983,460 with 12,668 polling centres reporting. Rejected votes stand at 300,144. The votes processed so far are 5,074,677. The IEBC has declared that only 4,774,365 are valid.
14: 20 In Muranga County, Mwangi wa Iria (TNA, Governor) leads race with 90,480 votes followed by Moses Mwangi with 14,807. Julius Kaverere had 7,919 votes while Samuel Njuguna Mwangi had received 955 votes.
14:15 Mr Kenyatta 2,566,312 (53.97pc); Mr Odinga 1,973,805 (41.51pc).
14:00 IEBC chairman Hassan has said the commission will carry out an audit to establish the reason behind the large number of rejected votes.
13:50 Mr Kenyatta has so far garnered 2,535,184 (54.06pc) while challenger Mr Odinga has 1,943, 097 (41.44pc).
13:39 At the Nairobi County tallying centre at the Nyayo Stadium, the Returning Officer asks candidates to take a break as nothing of note taking place. Among those present are Ferdinand Waititu and Okiya Omtatah.
13:32 Mr Kenyatta 2,524,241 (54pc) against Mr Odinga 1,931,012 (41pc).
13:19 IEBC provisional results: Mr Kenyatta 2,495,800, Mr Odinga 1,896,174. 12,254 of 31,981 polling stations have reported.
13: 06 Mr Kenyatta 2,495,800 (54pc) against Mr Odinga 1,896,174 (41pc).
13: 02 Some of the ballot boxes are seen at James Gichuru Primary School in Embakasi North constituency.
Some of the ballot boxes are seen at James Gichuru Primary School in Embakasi North constituency. CAROLINE WAFULA
13: 00 IEBC's Hassan said the commission was working hard to deliver official results and urged patience.
12:48 With 12,057 polling stations reporting, Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,459,133 votes, Raila Odinga has 1,851,671; Musalia Mudavadi has 123,913. The rejected votes are 280,304. These are provisional results for 4,793,347 of the votes cast. The IEBC has determined that only 4,512,939 are valid.
12: 42 Some of the ballot boxes containing counted votes at Shauri Moyo YWCA Social Hall in Kamukunji constituency.

Some of the ballot boxes containing counted votes at Shauri Moyo YWCA Social Hall in Kamukunji constituency March 5, 2013. EDITH FORTUNATE
12:35 Provisional presidential results: Mr Kenyatta 2,459,133 (54pc), Mr Odinga 1,851,671(41pc).
12: 31 Public Service minister Dalmas Otieno (ODM) retains his Rongo parliamentary seat. Mr Otieno garnered 18, 994. Tip Tip’s Odalo Abuor got 11,506. Federal Party of Kenya’s Thomas Kwanga was third with 2217. Others were Gordon Oluoch  (Wiper) 992, Asha Dade (TNA) 138, Eric Amuka PDP (60).
12:29 IEBC says the winner of presidential election must garner more than 50pc of total votes cast; appeals for patience as law allows six more days to declare official results.
12:25 Gideon Mbuvi leads in Nairobi Senate race. He has 16,972 votes against Bishop Wanjiru's 7,000 with 41 out of 122 polling stations in Kamukunji constituency reporting.
12:01 With 41 out of 122 stations in Kamukunji constituency reporting, Mr Kenyatta (13,446) against Mr Odinga (10,966). In the Nairobi Governor contest, Mr Waititu has 12, 671 while Mr Kidero has 10,335. Mr Mbaru has 930.
11:55 Vote counting underway at the Kayole Social Hall, the tallying centre for Embakasi Central constituency in Nairobi March 5, 2013.
Vote counting underway at the Kayole Social Hall, the tallying centre for Embakasi Central constituency in Nairobi March 5, 2013. CAROLINE WAFULA.
11:48 Mr Hassan says it is too early to call the presidential election. IEBC condoles family of presiding officer killed in Kangema constituency.
11:46 The Commission appeals to political parties to allow IEBC manage the elections.
11:45 Mr Hassan: Media should not make premature pronouncements. IEBC is the only body mandated in law to announce elections results.
11:42 Mr Hassan appeals to Kenyans to maintain peace and to the media to manage the public's expectations.
11:39 IEBC says the final results will reflect the will of Kenyans.
11:37 Mr Hassan says the Returning Officer in charge of the Diaspora has arrived at Bomas. To announce results soon.
11:30 11,600 polling station have transmitted the results. Uhuru Kenyatta is still in the lead with 2,352,021; Raila Odinga has 1,760,823 and Musalia Mudavadi has 119,306 votes. 267,944 votes rejected.
11:28 Mr Kenyatta has 2,356,502 (54pc) against Mr Odinga's 1,764,930 (40pc) as given by IEBC.
11:23 The IEBC chairman Isaack Hassan is meeting with political parties agents at the Bomas of Kenya.
11:12 Mr Kenyatta (2,320,366), Mr Odinga (1,738,191).
11:09 Cord’s Franklin Bett and Mutula Kilonzo at the National Tallying Centre, Bomas of Kenya. Follow live updates.
11:05 In Kamukunji constituency, Mr Kenyatta leads with 22,762 while Mr Odinga has managed 19, 607.
11:00 Mr Kenyatta (2,296,063) against Mr Odinga (1,720,154).
10:50 Mr Kenyatta (2,276,404) against Mr Odinga (1,704,147). Peter Kenneth has 23,974, Narc-Kenya’s Martha Karua has so far garnered 15,228. Prof James Ole Kiyiapi (14,133), Mohammed Dida has 12,658, Paul Muite (4,254).
10:45 Mr Kenyatta (2,262,818) against Mr Odinga (1,694,473).
10:35 Uhuru Kenyatta (2,229,734) while Raila Odinga has (1,673,496) with 11,142 polling stations reporting.
10:32 URP's Daniel Ole Nina leading in latest results with 13,450 followed by David Nkedianyi (ODM) with 12,327. Obadia Kimani of POA has 4,306 while Moses Parantai of DP has garnered 1,911 so far.
10:30 11,055 polling stations have reported, out of the 31,981. Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,208,689, while Raila Odinga has 1,647,477. The IEBC tally shows 250,224 votes are classified as “rejected”. Disputed votes are 104.
10.20 Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,189,728 votes; Raila Odinga has 1,644,119. 10,983 polling stations that have submitted their tallies to the National Tallying Centre.
10:19 Tallying in Othaya constituency stopped. Police called in to maintain order.
10: 17 Provisional results: Mr Kenyatta 2,195, 322, Mr Odinga 1,650, 010.
10: 12 Elgeyo Marakwet County: 46 of the 499 polling stations have transmitted their results on the presidential race. 480 votes have been rejected.
10:05 In Kamukunji constituency, Mr Kenyatta has 5,239 while Mr Odinga has 5,037 in provisional results. In the Nairobi Governor race, Mr Waititu (5,175) in slight lead against Mr Kidero (4,787).
10:02 Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo confirms the accidental shooting of an IEBC official in Kangema constituency; says police are investigating the matter.
10:00 With results from 10,772 polling stations counted and transmitted to the National Tallying Centre at the Bomas of Kenya, Mr Kenyatta leads with 2,132,660; while Mr Raila Odinga has 1,612,060.
9:53 The IEBC to hold press briefing to 10.30am. The Commission has asked those who want to attend the briefing to “allow 30 minutes for the security check-in procedures”.
9:47 Kajiado County results delayed. Officials say terrain in this area coupled with occasional system failure partly to blame.
Kajiado County Returning Officer Tom Mboya: "Many polling stations are far flung. We are in touch with polling officials and we hope to sort out the problem before long."
9:45 Uhuru Kenyatta has 2,083,784 Raila Odinga has 1,571,542. The tally so far is from 10,560 polling stations out of 31,981. 4,067,777 votes have been counted so far.
9:39 IEBC figures: 4,062,094 votes counted so far. 235,008 rejected votes and 104 disputed votes.
9:35 In Kamukunji constituency, Mr Odinga has 3,053 while Mr Kenyatta has 3,042. Results from three polling stations.
9:28 Presidential provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta 2,042,123 against Raila Odinga 1,539,452. These are results from 10,390 polling stations out of the 31,981, according to the IEBC tally at the Bomas of Kenya.
9:26 Tana River County: Raila Odinga 17,999, Uhuru Kenyatta 8,755 and Musalia Mudavadi 244. The votes are from 141 polling stations. The county has 270 polling stations in total.
9:25 Migori County: Raila Odinga 77,594, Uhuru Kenyatta 12,426, Musalia Mudavadi 2,318.
9:25 Homa Bay County: Raila Odinga 65,898, Uhuru Kenyatta 128, Musalia Mudavadi 105. Registered voters 563,440
9:23 Kisumu County: Raila Odinga 79,876, Uhuru Kenyatta 1,015, Musalia Mudavadi 794. Total registered voters 712,240. Votes counted so far 84,610.
9:22 Busia County: Raila Odinga 64,069, Musalia Mudavadi 5,193, Uhuru Kenyatta 2, 435.
9:20 Vihiga County provisional results: Raila Odinga 15,384, Musalia Mudavadi 13,389 Uhuru Kenyatta 444.
9:15 Mr Kenyatta hits two million mark. Provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 2,016,108 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,525,561 (41pc)
9:10 Nairobi County provisional results: Evans Kidero (ODM) 2,843, Ferdinand Waititu (TNA) 2,523. Tallying going on at Shauri Moyo YWCA in Kamukunji constituency.
9:08 Othaya constituency provisional results: Mary Wambui (TNA) 4,849, Peter King'ara (GNU) 4,498, Gichuki Mugambi (Saba Saba Asili) 3,674.
9:05 Provisional presidential results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,974,936 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,497,890 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 105,373 (3pc).
8:20 Provisional results Lamu County: Uhuru Kenyatta 54.7%, Raila Odinga 41.6%, Abduba Dida 1.9%
8:15 Provisional presidential results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,833,687 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,393,328 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 100,029 (3pc).
8:10 Provisional results Kericho County: Uhuru Kenyatta 92.1pc; Raila Odinga 5.8pc, Musalia Mudavadi 0.6pc
8:00 Provisional presidential results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,803,080 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,367,630 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 97,909 (3pc).
7:45 Provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,761,070 (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,324,706 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 95,363 (3pc).
7:43 Mr Imanyara has conceded defeat to his opponent in the Meru Senate seat. "I wish to congratulate the Meru County Senator elect Hon Kiraitu Murungi and wish him and all others elected, my best wishes," he said.
7:40 Provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,751,497, (54pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,317,032 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 94,736 (3pc).
7:22 Provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,713,063, (55pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,284,487 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 92,520.
7:15 Presidential provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,702,625, (55pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,275,473 (41pc).
7:08 Meru Senate candidate Gitobu Imanyara (ODM) concedes defeat to Kiraitu Murungi (APK) and says mulling retirement from active politics.
7:00 Presidential provisional results: Uhuru Kenyatta (TNA) 1,667,413, (55pc) Raila Odinga (ODM) 1,244,249 (41pc), Musalia Mudavadi (UDF) 88,280 (3pc), Peter Kenneth (KNC) 17,542 (1pc); Martha Karua (Narc Kenya) 11,220 (0pc), James Kiyiapi (RBK) 10,780 (0pc); Abduba Dida (ARC) 8,554 (0pc)

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