Monday, 24 March 2014


On March 22, 2014, the President took time to practice one of our core values: 'Sense of Community'. The President visited Kanyama and Ng'ombe communities. During the visits the President donated 3 bales of Salaula to both communities. This is a commitment that the President has taken to respond to the suffering that the women in these communities are facing. Kanyama is one of the communities in Lusaka that experiences load shedding in the rain season and more than 80% of the people in the area have no access to tape/clean water. The Patriotic Front leaders representing these communities do not find it expedient to address these problems because they are not affected by them!!

The women who attended the meeting complained of not having access to health services, saying that the entire constituency only has one clinic whose standard is not great.They also complained of not having enough schools in the area, hence their children's education is consistently undermined thus enshrining poverty to posterity as education is one of the mediums that all of us have taken to improve our socio-economic status. 
The President urged the women to make good use of the bales of Salaula that were donated to them and asked the women to make sure that this uplifts the living standards of the NAREP members in the area. He also said that if this project WORKS well, the party will continue providing support to the women.

For members who are not aware, the President has implemented a nationwide "CLOTHES FOR CHANGE" initiative. The President through donations from members of NAREP and the community at large, organizes clothes in bales and delivers them to the communities.

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