Thursday, 1 October 2015


120 women have benefited from a programme called Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) in Kasama District of Northern Province.

Kasama District Administrative Officer (DAO), Beauty Namukoko, revealed that so far started benefiting from the Programme.

She said this when she officiated at the official hand over of 120 village Chickens to 60 women from another group of 60 females who recently received Hens from government in Chiba ward in Kasama District.

Ms. Namukoko explained that the initiative was to ensure all expectant mothers, Lactating, and those with children under the age of two years, start keeping chickens that will enable their children have sufficient vitamins during the first 1000 most critical days of a child’s life.

Ms. Namukoko stated that the programme was initiated in order to improve nutrition and further reduce the prevalence of stunted in the Zambian population.

She noted that 40 % of the Zambian children are stunted due to poor nutrition adding that the condition has also resulted in affecting their academic performance among other things.

She said it is for this reason that government through the food and scaling up nutrition commission and other line ministries is making frantic efforts to improve nutrition in Zambia.

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