Saturday, 14 November 2015


Women have been advised to develop a culture of examining their breast every morning in order to combat breast cancer.

Stiletto Ink Coordinator, Chalwe Mumba, said during the awareness campaign for cancer in women and men held in Lusaka today that checking breasts every day will equip women to start feeling any lump that may develop in their breasts.

Dr Mumba said detecting lumps in the breasts early leads to curing of the cancerous cells.

He said breast and cervical cancers are leading cancers among women in Zambia because of late diagnosis.

She urged women to involve the menfolk in the fight against cancer if extensive awareness is to be reached.

Dr Mumba also advised women to take interest in physical exercise as it reduces breast cancer by 40 per cent.

Hundreds of women and men in Lusaka turned up at East Park Mall for the cancer awareness campaign organised by Stiletto, Ink, an organisation owned by doctors involved in various health activities.

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