Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Government has appealed to the Japanese government to expand their support to the Kaizen institute of Zambia and other institutions in the country.

Government says there is critical need for an expanded cooperation with the Japanese government in ensuring workers’ productivity in the country.

Kaizen is a Japanese concept which means continuous improvement and it enables attitude change, promotes punctuality, and encourages ownership and staff discipline in general as a prerequisite for productivity improvement.

Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Peter Kasanda says Kaizen is an important tool for continuous improvement as it allows individuals to become aware of their infinite capability to perform and contribute to enterprise and society.

Ambassador Kasanda explained that the process of growing at both individual and organizational level generates profit, creates more job opportunities and more taxes which government uses to provide social services.

A culture of continuous improvement provides solutions to the issues such as how to utilise time, space, human capital, energy and technology to create and retain wealth in the nation through reduced production inputs and increased output, he said.

“Promoting the Kaizen philosophy in the country and in organisations will result in the expansion of businesses across economic sectors through improvement of quality, cost reduction, delivery of services and greater customer satisfaction, “he said.

The Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet was speaking at the 2015 National Kaizen conference at Mulungushi International Conference centre in Lusaka today.

In recognition of the impact that Kaizen has done for Ethiopia, government is sending a team of senior officials to go and learn how that country has mainstreamed and domesticated Kaizen principles in both public and private sector organisation.

The team is expected to acquire an insight necessary to mainstream and institutionalise Kaizen across the public sector in Zambia.

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