Wednesday, 10 August 2016


President Edgar Lungu says people campaigning against the referendum on the bill of rights have no interest of the nation at heart and should not be taken serious by the people of Zambia.

President Lungu noted that people opposed to the referendum have lamentably failed to substantiate their stance and just want to distract people from voting for the progress of the country and its people.

President Lungu said claims by the opposition that voting in the referendum means giving votes to the ruling party is a total fabrication.

The President explained that the referendum on the bill of right is about people's rights and freedoms which every Zambian should enjoy.

He said people who are against the expanded bill of rights do not want to be accountable should they be in government one day.

The President stated that the opposition will be shocked tomorrow after the polls as Zambians will give the referendum and the ruling party a resounding victory.

The head of state who is seeking re-election and faces 8 other candidates said he is not feeling any pressure from his competitors because he is more popular across the country than his challengers.

He said the ruling party will win tomorrows polls with ease because there is no formidable opposition to challenge the Patriotic Front.

And the president said government has improved the Farmer Input Support Programme and will ensure that government partners with the private sector to drive the programme in future.

Mr Lungu said government has been distributing inputs on time and paid all farmers who supply their grains to the Food Reserve Agency.

The head of state was speaking on a live Hot FM Red hot breakfast show from the Copperbelt province.

Tomorrow Zambians will vote in the referendum as well as the presidential and general elections which will be conducted under the amended constitution.

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