Monday, 28 March 2011


Police check bags of Indian Hemp

Malawi Police’s undercover operation in Mzimba District has led to the arrest of three Zambians who are believed to have been doing illegal cross-boarder trade.
During the mission, police successfully seized 20 bags of Indian hemp  (Chamba) packed in 90kgs.
The three Zambian nationals are Joseph Mwenda, 40, John Zulu, 42 and 43-year-old Nyakeka Phiri all from Lundazi District in eastern Zambia.
Mzimba Police Station spokesperson George Kondowe confirmed the arrest of the three on Sunday in Khosolo area in the district.
He said police have been investigating the three for being suspected of doing illicit cross-boarder trade after getting a tip from the public.
“The public tipped us that some three strange Zambians had illegally entered the country through Mzimba and were in Khosolo area so we started investigating the issue,” explained Kondowe.
He said on the material day, the suspects hired a three tonner lorry to smuggle the illicit drug unfortunately the vehicle developed a mechanical fault before they packed the bags.
The police then deployed their officers using someone’s three tonner vehicle and offered it to the suspected drug traffickers to hire which they unsuspectingly did.
“We drove together to where they were keeping the 20 bags and that is where we apprehended them,” said Kondowe.
Khosolo area which is located in South West of Mzimba Boma is well known for Indian hemp farming.
Kondowe said the three are on remand and have been charged with two counts of being found with illicit drugs and illegal entry into Malawi.
In another development, Mzimba police over the weekend also arrested 20 people for various offences during a sweeping exercise.
Kondowe said their offences range from gambling, touting and rogue and vagabond.
“The idea is to intensify security and to bring sanity in the district,” he said.
The spokesperson explained that some of the arrested people were doing trade in areas that are not designated for business.—(Reporting by Felie Mzumara, Nyasa Times)

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