Thursday, 26 May 2011


On the eve of African Liberation Day, which is celebrated across the continent, His Excellency President Rupiah Banda of Zambia has reinforced his commitment to building a better future for all Zambians.
Saluting the ideals of the day, which commemorates the formation of the organization of the African Unity 48 years ago, the President underlined the huge progress that Zambia has made since independence, becoming a country that prizes the values of freedom, security and stability for all people.
He said: “Zambia is a role model for all of Africa - a country which, through hard work, commitment and partnership, has developed into a place in which we can all be proud.”
President Banda has laboured tirelessly to bring opportunity to all Zambians.  His focus on providing a stable economy and strengthening Zambia’s climate for investment and has helped boost employment and training opportunities, particularly for the young people who are at the heart of Zambia’s future. Indeed, the theme of African Liberation Day is “Accelerating youth empowerment for sustainable development”.
He continued: “The young people who make up 68 per cent of Zambia’s population are a key agent of our nation’s development – which must not be ignored. Our young people are an important human resource which must be harnessed if we are to develop our country; our future lies with them.”
President Banda has highlighted his government’s pledge to continue youth empowerment, through initiatives such as the Youth Development Fund and Citizens Economic Empowerment Fund which ease access to finance for youth entrepreneurs.
He added: “My great hope for Zambia is that we become a country where every single man, woman and child has the opportunity to enjoy a peaceful and happy life, where they can work, learn and, most importantly for the youth of Zambia, help build on the foundations of tomorrow’s Zambia.”
Under President Banda, Zambia’s economy has boomed, supported by his prioritization of health and education policies, which have helped cement the country’s position on the world stage. Now in election year, countries across the globe will be looking to Zambia to deliver a free, fair and peaceful election – something to which President Banda is firmly committed.
President Banda concluded: “On African Liberation Day, I urge all the people of Zambia to come together, regardless of political or social preferences, and celebrate the huge achievements our country has made.  Our future is in your hands – we will build it, together.”

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