Monday, 9 May 2011


Speaking at the United Nations Conference on Least Developed Countries (LDCs) in Istanbul today, His Excellency, President Rupiah Banda of Zambia, highlighted the major development needs of LDCs to tackle poverty and improve the lives of their people.
In his speech, President Banda drew attention to the challenges faced by LDCs like Zambia since the implementation of the Brussels’ programme of action. He highlighted how many LDCs still lack adequate trade initiatives, state of the art equipment and high levels of investment in research and development, all of which continue to hamper their ability to exploit regional and international trade.
He said: “What we need is very clear. We want to increase our productive capabilities, diversify our economies, achieve market access and achieve the implementation of fair trade practices. In addition, improved technology platforms and infrastructure will help lift our people out of poverty and distress.”
President Banda has worked tirelessly to improve the socio-economic climate in Zambia with the aim of making it a prosperous middle income country by 2030. The recent launch of the country’s Sixth National Development Plan outlined development strategies specifically designed to alleviate poverty.
He added: “Tackling poverty remains a key priority my government and me. With growth averaging more than 5 per cent over the past decade, it has been possible to invest in improving the access of Zambia’s people to good quality social and public services. However, our challenge is to build on these foundations by creating jobs and so improving the lives of all Zambians, especially in rural areas. Today’s conference is an important opportunity for Zambia, other LDCs and their development partners to work together and address existing challenges to poverty.”

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