Monday, 16 September 2013


A 33-year-old community teacher of Muyombe in Mafinga district of Muchinga province is battling for his life at Isoka Community District Hospital after his penis was allegedly cut off by a man who suspected him of flirting with his wife.

Police confirmed the incident that occurred  on September 4 in Chief Muyombe’s chiefdom.

Police explained that the victim was taken to court on accusations that he had committed adultery with another man’s wife but the case could not be concluded early enough in court due to circumstances beyond the control of the local Magistrate.

Police said that when the matter came up on September 4th, the plaintiff did not show up and after the matter was adjourned, the defendant was attacked by the plaintiff on his way back home and was overpowered and cut off the defendant’s penis before disappearing in a nearby bush.

A man hunt has since been launched for the polygamous plaintiff who has four wives and is believed to have sneaked into the neighbouring Malawi.

The part of the manhood cut off from the community teacher‘s genitals by the fugitive polygamous man has not been found and it is believed that the wanted man went away with it.

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