Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Zambia’s Ambassador to the United States of America and Plenipotentiary, Her Excellency, Mrs. Sheila Siwela has said she is happy with the latest Millennium Challenge Corporation’s  report on Zambia.
 In the 2011 scorecard released today, Zambia made progress in the Control of Corruption at 77% compared to 2009 and 2010 when the country scored 71% and 74% respectively.
In Trade Policy, Zambia scored the highest this year at 95% compared to 2009 and 2010 when the figures stood at 62% and 93%
The Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) released country by country indicator data today measuring the policy performance of 84 developing countries that are candidates for grant assistance from MCC in 2011.
The country data will help inform the eligibility decisions of the MCC Board of Directors at its quarterly meeting, scheduled for December 15, 2010.
 Zambia qualified for the MCC compact assistance in December 2008 when its control of corruption indicator exceeded the median of all low income countries for the first time.  The result was based on the 2007 performance.
Zambia’s qualification for MCC compact assistance followed the country’s good policy performance in the 17 indicators under the three areas of Ruling Justly, Investing in People, and Economic Freedom as explained above.
Under the Compact program, Zambia, through the Ministry of Finance and National Planning recently submitted six programs for consideration by MCC but only two were accepted. The Greater Kafue National Park and Community Economic Development Project- building the capacity for improved park and wildlife management and the Lusaka Water Supply, Sanitation and Drainage Project – provision of clean and safe water supply and adequate sanitation and drainage in targeted areas
In 2006 Zambia received US $ 24.3.7 million whose purpose was to reduce corruption, improve government effectiveness and facilitate Zambia’s eligibility for MCC Compact funding.
The Zambian government departments that directly benefited included the Ministry of Lands, Immigration Department, Anti-Corruption Commission, Zambia Development Agency, the Patents and Company Registration Offices (PACRO) and Chirundu Border Post.
This is contained in a press statements issued by First Secretary for Press at the Zambian High Commission in Washington DC Ben Kangwa.

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