Friday, 19 November 2010


A Senior Government official in the Office of the Vice President has instructed the Road Development Agency (RDA) to mobilise the community and start rehabilitation works on the Nalikwanda- Namengo Road in Nalikwanda constituency immediately.
Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit National Coordinator Domiciano Mulenga said with close supervision the community could start working on culvert slabs while logistics were still being sourced.
Mr. Mulenga told ZAINS in Nalikwanda yesterday (Wednesday) after an assessment that community mobilisation would help in catching up with time which he noted as the biggest challenge considering that the rain season had already started.
He said once started the rehabilitation of the three culverts namely Liandi, Litawa and Nakanga would be completed within two to three weeks.
And Mr. Mulenga said that the transportation of building materials to the operational sites would be conducted within Government departments due to high transport costs in the Province.
He stated that it was very expensive to transport building materials such as culverts from Lusaka to Western Province adding that it was not wise for Government to spend more on transport hence the private sector may not be engaged as the road would be done with minimum cost.

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