Monday, 8 November 2010


A new political party called Africa’s Democratic and Economic Development Organization (ADEDO)-Zambia Must Change Now (ZAMUCANO) has been formed and set to be lunched this Sunday.
ADEDO-ZAMUCANO leader Brown Kapika announced the formation of the new party to ZANIS in Lusaka today.
Mr. Kapika said he has come back to Zambia from the Netherlands where he is based to save the country from what he termed recycled leadership that has characterized the political scenario in Zambia.
He added that the country needs a leader with wisdom.
He expressed confidence of scooping next year’s tripartite elections bragging that there is no political party in the country with the vision to transform the country into a developed nation other than his party.
He said his party has formulated 17 points manifesto which he said will develop the country and better the lives of its citizens.
In the manifesto, the new political party has among other things pledged to offer free and quality healthcare, education up to university level and nationalize the
mining sector.
The new party leader said his party has already been spread to copper belt and Eastern province saying the party has adopted the red card as its symbol.
Mr. Kapika said his party has come to form government and implement the good policies to make the country a better country for all Zambians.
ADEDO-ZAMUCANO political party has joined several other political parties that
are vying to form government come 2011.
Zambia is one of the African countries with over 20 political parties most of
which only come on the scene during election.

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