Sunday, 23 October 2011


Vice President’s wife Charlotte Scott has emphasised the need for young people to have vital information that would enable them live better so that they could make informed decisions to unplanned teenage pregnancies.
Mrs. Scott noted that these unplanned pregnancies in young girls mostly led to unsafe abortions and high prevalence rate of HIV.
ZANIS reports that speaking when she officiated at the Planned Parenthood Association of Zambia (PPAZ) general conference at Andrews Motel in Lusaka today, the second lady observed that if the country did not pay particular attention to the young people’s sexual and reproductive health needs, it’s future was being risked.
She said it was therefore important to enforce and safeguard the reproductive health rights of the young people by creating an environment in which they would easily access information and services needed.
Mrs. Scott also called upon young people in Zambia to fully participate in programmes that were meant to benefit them.
She further noted that the association had served Zambia for a long time trying to meet the reproductive health needs and aspirations of the Zambian people.
Mrs. Scott observed that the role of PPAZ was to promote good reproductive health among women, men and the youth.  

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