Sunday, 4 December 2011


An opposition party in South Sudan has sacked two of its leaders who are serving as ministers in the current government accusing them of corruption and acting in their own interest.
In an impromptu inauguration meeting held in Juba, the South Sudan capital on Friday, the mainstream South Sudan Democratic Forum (SSDF) announced it had withdrawn its confidence from Martin Elia Lomoro and Mayom Kuoc Malek, hitherto the party’s chairperson and his deputy respectively.
“It is unfortunate that these leaders have advanced self-interest more than anything else, used the party’s name to position themselves in the government without contributing to its programme and policies, and subdued the democratic process that was at the centre of our core values as a forum,” the party said in a statement seen by Sudan Tribune.
Lomoro currently serves as South Sudan’s minister for animal resources and fisheries, while Malek is the deputy minister for transport. The SSDF allege the way the ministers have acted lacks “representation" focusing on their own promotion and "self interest”.
During the meeting, party members appointed Michael Wal Duany as the new party chairperson, who will be deputised by three other senior members. Three advisors and members of the national leadership council, among other keys posts, were also agreed upon.
The mainstream SSDF also accuses its former chairperson of involvement in embezzling funds, reportedly given to the party by the southern government during the April 2010 general elections.
Attempts to reach the animal resources and fisheries minister to verify these claims from the party proved unsuccessful.
Founded in 2001 in the UK by concerned South Sudan political parties, civic organisations and movements, the mainstream SSDF’s main principle and objective was to bring peace and unity among the people of South Sudan by embracing forgiveness and reconciliation.

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