Friday, 2 March 2012


The Fish ban period which was being observed throughout Luapula Province since first December last year has been lifted.
The fish ban is mainly observed in the three water bodies of the Province namely Luapula river, lakes Mweru and Bangweulu which are the main breeding areas for the fish.
A check by ZAINS in all the three main markets in Mansa, Chilyapa, Senama and UBZ Market this morning found scores of Mansa residents buying fresh fish.
Most people talked to said that they were happy that the fish ban period was over.
They however attributed the high price of fish due to the erratic supply of fuel that the district is currently experiencing.
Government every year from 1st December to 1st of March imposes a fish ban to allow for the fish to breed.
Several fishermen and fish traders were reported to have been arrested in various parts of the province for defying this year’s fish ban.
Officials at the Department of Fisheries in Mansa disclosed that a total of 13 people in Mansa district  have so far been fined and convicted for being involved in illegal fishing activities during the ban.
According the Fisheries ACT of 2011 of the laws of Zambia it is an offence to carryout fishing activities or to be in possession of fish during the fish ban, and if convicted the offender is liable to a fine or imprisonment.

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