Friday, 16 March 2012


Government has set aside K20 billion in this year’s national budget towards recapitalizing operations at the Tanzania Zambia railway Authority (TAZARA).
Finance Deputy Minister Miles Sampa said government who are stakeholders of the company wants to recapitalize the company to ensure that it’s fully functional.
He has however stated that government has no obligations to pay retirees of the state enterprise adding that it is the duty of the board and management of the companies.
Mr. Sampa was responding to a question from Kapiri Mposhi Member of Parliament Lawrence Zimba who wanted to know when government will pay TAZARA retirees. 
He has also stated that former employees of Kapiri Glass Factory who were retired before the privatization of the company will be paid by the company’s new owners.
He added that the new owners have already paid all former workers and invested US$ 11 million in the glass manufacturing company.
Mr. Sampa said the company needed US$ 23 million but have only acquired US$ 11 million.

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