Thursday, 20 February 2014


K FM station manager Nyambe Muyumbana has forgiven Kasempa district council deputy secretary Dominic Makisa for assaulting him after the later regretted his act and pleaded for forgiveness. This is according to a posting on the K FM (Kasempa) Radio Station facebook page viewed on 19 February 2014 by MISA Zambia.

According to Muyumbana, Makisa who looked remorseful said “whatever the reasons behind the cause, I apologize for getting into a fight especially that I’m a parent and a senior government official.”

Makisa who said he now doesn’t trust anyone in Kasempa, also refuted allegations that he was used to fight battles on behalf of some one.

The two have since agreed to withdrawal their cases before the police and Muyumbana is entitled to remedies.

Muyumbana has since advised the general members of the community to always seek dialogue with the radio station whenever they are aggrieved with its broadcast instead of physical approach.

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