Thursday, 20 February 2014


A non-governmental organisation, Mandate Initiative, has petitioned Parliament to pass a bill that outlaws homosexuality in Kenya. The chairman of Mandate Initiative, Peter Munga yesterday asked Western countries to stop pushing for laws that compromise morality in Africa.
He told them to uphold moral values that will promote and advance the human race. "We are saddened with the rise of homosexuality which is against our African values. It is with this regard we have chosen to say no to homosexuality in Kenya. Homosexuality is not a matter of birth but a matter of choice. That is why we have petitioned the Parliament against it," said Munga at a hotel in Kiambu yesterday.
"The West has said it will cut aid to African countries that will not embrace homosexuality. Our help as a nation does not come from the East or West but from God. We have prescribed the very reason of our being in the national anthem."
Meanwhile the Kikuyu Council of Elders have maintained their stand against attempts to promote same-sex relationships. Elders urged the government to uphold the law as stipulated in the constitution and declare homosexuality illegal.
"The new constitution passed by Kenyans is clear on homosexuality," said council chairman Wachira Kiago. Speaking in Kasarani yesterday, he said Kikuyu elders want Kenyans should be guided by the Holy Bible, constitution, as well as culture and traditions.
"We shall never and should never be lectured by foreigners on how to behave because we also do not approve of everything they do or believe in. Let us engage each other on beneficial bilateral issues with mutual respect as our beautiful African Culture is not negotiable," Kiago said.
The chairman said homosexuality is a taboo and an abomination among Kikuyus, hence is totally unacceptable. "We find it extremely demeaning to even in trying to justify who we are and what it is that we stand for as a people; but just so you know, any two people who were found to have engaged in this vice, should be fought," Kiago said.
Chairman of the Kikuyu elders in Muranga county Fr Joachim Getonga said the direction the debate has taken suggests recognition of homosexuality and prostitution which are against African culture and more so our Christian principles.
"We condemn with the strongest terms possible attempts to bring into our country European and American immoralities which are dehumanising our young generation," Getonga said.

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