Tuesday, 17 August 2010


A Chinese investor in Choma has appealed to residents to support the investment which is meant to better the social and economic conditions of the local people through job creation.
General Manager for Rainbow Purified Waters Company, Xu Ying, said it is important for local people to guard the investment jealously because it has the potential to improve their lives.
Speaking during a conducted tour of the company premises, he said the plant was one of the few manufacturing companies in Zambia in the area of water purification with state-of-the-art equipment that produces the purest water by microfiltration, reverse osmosis and ozonation.
Mr Ying said the main purpose of establishing the plant in Choma was not only for profit making, but also enhancing the economy of Southern Province and Choma in particular.
He said the company will help create employment for the people of Choma and augment Government efforts in eradicating poverty.
Mr Ying said the investment would empower small business men and women who would be afforded an opportunity to dealing in wholesale and retail water trading.
He said the company would also contribute to the national treasury and help broaden the Government tax base.
The plant currently has a production capacity of processing one thousand litres of water per hour and thus eight thousand litres of water per day. It produces water in 500ml bottles packaged in cases of 15 bottles per case as well as 20litres water jars and water dispensers.
Mr Ying said the company intends setting up a plastic recycling plant in Choma and that this venture will create employment for the local community and become a sustainable source of income for some households.
He said the venture would also help to manage waste in the local communities, thus reducing environmental degradation and pollution.
 “I wish to encourage the general public, especially the Choma people to support this project in all manners possible. We wish to encourage institutions especially schools to bring in the students for educational tours,” he said.
Rainbow purified Water Company limited is supported and chaired by a South African based Zambian businessman, James Ndambo of Africa Union Holdings together with a Chinese firm, Sino-Australia Trade Development.

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