Monday, 9 August 2010


Vending is one source of livelihood in Katete

A senior civil servant in Katete district in eastern province has commended Ministry of Community Development and Social Services for sponsoring a Kum’mawa fashion show, the first of its kind.
The show is aimed at assisting the withdrawal of young people from engaging into unscrupulous behavior.
Katete District Commissioner (DC) Elemani Mwanza stated that the fashion show was special and a unique strategy for the district and the region as a whole which would assist young people and other age groups engage in useful skills which would promote self employment.
Speaking during the Kum’mawa Fashion Show held at Mphangwe motel in Katete district, over the weekend, Mr. Mwanza said the forum would facilitate different designers express their talents in fashion and designing.
“This will also give them an opportunity to expand their market both locally and internationally as the show concept is primed to take advantage of an expanding and profitable industry in promoting Zambia fashion through show casing,” Mr. Mwanza added.
He named the outfits displayed as office wear, casual, wedding dresses, traditional wear and many others, made from Chitenge materials.
Mr. Mwanza said such initiatives would stop young people from roaming the streets and engage themselves in meaningful and profitable ventures such as tailoring and designing to contribute towards poverty reduction.
He has since urged the people in the district to support the designers by purchasing the outfits they would be making for continued sustenance.
The DC stated that the Ministry of Community and Social Services was committed to support activities that were aimed at promoting culture and talents.
He said women also participated by exhibiting traditional foods in conformity to operational definition of culture as it was clear and true that a person without culture was like a tree without roots.
‘’I believe most of you present here have bought from these women selling ready prepared traditional food and your support will contribute to their economic empowerment,’’ Mr. Mwanza said.
The show was organized by the department of Community and cultural Services of Chipata district.

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