Sunday, 8 August 2010


Street vending in Lusaka, Zambia
Public Health Prosecutor Michael Musenga has expressed concern with the increasing number of people appearing in courts because of trading without licenses.
Mr. Musenga has since urged Local Authorities in the country to intensify their inspections and ensure that people conducting various business activities were issued with trading licenses and complied with the law.
Mr. Musenga said that, it was saddening to see the country losing a lot of revenue from business houses that did not acquire trade licenses.
He noted that despite many business people having been educated on the importance of obtaining trade permits, businesses have continued to be conducted without trading certificates.
Mr. Musenga explained that there was need for local authorities in the country to ensure that all businesses being conducted were accounted for as a way of enhancing the country’s revenue collection and the general safety of people.
He pointed out that unlicensed traders could be dangerous to consumers because they were capable of selling expired and counterfeit products as their main interest was to make money.
Mr. Musenga disclosed that in a two days inspection exercise carried out in Kanyama more than 50 people were found trading without licenses and have since being summoned to appear in court.
He further said that people should to be reminded that doing business without a license was a serous offence under the laws of Zambia.
He also advised local authorities not to merely issue licenses but to also ensure that people issued with permits complied with the requirements of the licenses.

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