Sunday, 1 August 2010


The father of a nine year old boy, James Miti who was sent for cornea transplant in India has thanked people who helped him with resources to send his son for the operation.
Abraham Miti said through the generous support of various stakeholders, he was able to send his child who was suffering from bilateral Keratinous to undergo the surgery in India.
Lions Club of Munali sponsored Abraham
He said James underwent a successful operation in India in June this year and Doctors have given him medication which he is still administering to the child.
Mr. Miti was speaking in an interview in Lusaka. He said his child who had a short vision and could not see further than a meter is now able to see well.
He said that he is hopeful that after completion of the medication, his child’s sight would be restored completely.
Mr Miti has particularly commended the Lions Club of Munali for facilitating the boy’s evacuation and treatment to India in June this year.
He said the Lions Club of Munali helped him scout for K24 million that was needed for the travel and stay in India while they also facilitated for his operation there.
Mr. Miti has also commended other stakeholders who assisted the Lions Club in their plea to raise the money for his child.

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