Thursday, 16 June 2011


United States Secretary of State Hilary Clinton has praised Zambia for the various successful approaches it has taken to foster development in the country.
This is contained in a statement released today (June 14) by First secretary for press at the Zambian Embassy in Ethiopia, Dorcas Ilunga Chileshe.
Addressing the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on Monday, Clinton cited Zambia amongst three African countries that have diversified their economies to create jobs across many sectors as well as reduce poverty.
She commended Zambia, Ghana and Rwanda for continuously reinvesting in their economies through building of roads, power plants and expanding access financial services to allow more people to start or grow businesses.
Clinton said the Obama administration was ready to deepen its partnership with countries that have taken such a broad-based, inclusive and sustainable approach to growth.
On health, she cited Zambia as one of the African countries that has significantly reduced mother-to-child transmission of HIV adding that such a development will save many lives in the country.
On women, Clinton urged the African Union to empower African women for them to participate in economic development effectively.
She said African women are the hardest working women in the world yet what they do is not included in the formal economy or measured in the GDP.
Clinton aroused a loud applause from women when she said that “if African women from Cairo to Cape Town decided to stop work for a week, the economies of Africa would collapse”.
She advised African governments to treat women with dignity and give them the right and responsibility to make a contribution to the 21st century of African growth and progress.
She said the Obama administration will deepen its partnership with countries that support women empowerment because it has seen what difference it makes when women are educated, have access to health care, get credit and help to support their families.
On the situation in Libya urged African countries to call for a genuine cease fire and to call on Libyan leader Ghadafi to step down as he has lost his legitimacy to rule.
Clinton also urged African countries to expel pro Ghadafi diplomats and to increase contact and support for the Transitional National Council.
She said the world expects the African Union to lead and guide Libya through a transition to a new government based on democracy, economic opportunity and security.
Earlier African Union Commission Chairperson Jean Ping said that overcoming challenges affecting Africa today will not be possible without strengthening partnership with partners such as the United States of America.
Dr Ping said that the AU-US partnership has contributed significantly to Africa’s quest for peace, security and development on the continent.
Clinton is the First United States Secretary of State to visit the African Union.

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