Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Kitwe, Zambia)
Mopani Copper Mine today confirms the arrival of the major equipment converter shell for its first new converter project, costing US$26m,at Richards Bay, South Africa.
The converter is destined for the Mufulira site on Zambia’s Copperbelt. Transporting the 132t converter will take approximately twenty-five days at a cost of around US$3m. The unit will take some six months to install and Mopani expect it to be fully commissioned by December 2011.
Along with the converter, Mopani is also installing a Water Cooled Hood and an Off Gas System to facilitate the capture of dust free gas. This process will be assisted subsequently by a second new dedicated gas cooling, cleaning & acid plant, which will be operational by April 2015.
The US$26m converter was manufactured by Mukand Limited of Thane, Maharashtra state, India, while the Water Cooled Hood and Off Gas System have been designed, and are being supplied, by the Swedish firm Outotec. Additional engineering work has been carried out by Worley Parsons.
Before Mopani was privatised in 2000, no sulphur was captured. Sulphur capture now stands at about 50% and Mopani’s emissions reduction programme will be completed by 2015 when 97% of all sulphur will be captured.

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