Friday, 3 February 2012


Divisions in the Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) have deepened with organisation’s President Alex Ngoma, blaming some members of being indiscipline.
Dr N’goma accused   FODEP Executive Director Donald Chipenzi of using the organization to fight personal battles with the Patriotic Front (PF) government.
The FODEP president said Mr.Chipenzi last October issued a statement where he accused President Michael Sata of contravening the constitution when he appointed a named politician as an MP and Deputy Minister.
He added that Mr.Chipenzi also claimed in his statement that the person was declared bankrupt by the courts of law hence did not qualify to serve in any government portfolio.
He explained that Mr.Chipenzi did not consult anyone in the National Executive Committee members when he issued the statement.
Dr. N’goma has since distanced the organization from Mr.Chipenzi’s statement describing it as an    ill- conceived scheme.
He stated that the action by Mr.Chipenzi amounts to misconduct adding that it was for this reason that the FODEP Executive Director was suspended from the organization.
Dr. Ng’oma has however expressed shock that Mr.Chipenzi refused to honour his suspension and that some FODEP members who were sympathetic to Mr.Chipenzi had a meeting where they expelled him and his National Secretary.
The FODEP President has since maintained that he is still President of the organization while Ms. Nalukui Milapo is still National Secretary.
Mr.Ng’oma said he was together with Ms.Milapo elected last year at the FODEP convention which consisted of about 90 delegates from all 9 provinces and were witnessed by donor representatives, and other stakeholders.
He charged that the kangaroo meeting that purportedly   expelled them only consisted of six people and did not represent FODEP constitution.
Dr. Ng’oma has however revealed that Mr.Chipenzi was dubiously appointed by the previous national executive committee.

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