Friday, 10 February 2012


The Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) has supported the decision by government to engage the Anti -Corruption Commission (ACC) and the Office of the Auditor General to investigate the dubious activities in administration of funds at the Citizen Economic and Empowerment commission (CEEC).
Association Executive Director Muyunda Ililonga says it is important for government to establish any illegal activities and ascertain any possible corruption in the way the funds were managed at the institution for the benefit of Zambians.
Mr.Ililonga told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today, that it is unfair that only a few individual can be benefiting from a fund which was set with the concept of helping uplift the living standards of the less privileged in society.
He explained that the fund was established to save a noble cause which was not achieved due to illegal activities by some officers.
He added that the fund was also meant to help provide substantial funding to small business people consequently improving the supply of goods and services for the benefit of consumers.
Mr Ililonga charged that if there is increased supply of goods and services especially at small scale level a lot of consumers who are in most cases vulnerable tend to have access to these products.
He noted that the other reason for the fund was to make Zambians participate in the country’s economic growth through engaging in various business activities.
The ZACA Chief added that this was why there is need for the commission and management ensure that the fund was properly utilized for it to serve its intended purpose.
He regretted that currently the country’s economy has been dominated by foreigners hence the need to provide proactive support for the small scale business people if local investment is to be boosted.
Mr.Ililonga further added that the request to the Ministry of Finance to suspend further funding to the Commission until the process review is completed should be welcomed for the sake of transparency.
He has also advised government not to take long in concluding the investigations and resume normal operations at the institution.
Minister of Commerce on Monday announced that government will engage the ACC and the Office of the Auditor General to investigate dubious activities and examine the authenticity of possible corruption in the way the funds were administered at CEEC.

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