Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Some Civil Servants in Milenge District of Luapula Province have appealed to the Patriotic Front Government to consider transferring civil servants from one district to the other in order to give officers a fresh minds and career enhancement.
An officer in the Ministry of Agriculture Jackson Mukanzo made the appeal to Luapula Province Minister Rodgers Mwewa who visited the district recently and addressed civil servants on the need to change their attitude towards work and dedication to provide quality service to the public.
Mr Mukanzo said he had been working in the district for many years and there was nothing new that he was looking forward to in his present station.
He said he wanted to go for further training and enhance his career prospects but Milenge district was too familiar an environment to him for any prospects of improvement in his work.
He said he knew every corner of Milenge and all the people and their shortcomings which did not inspire him anymore adding that once transferred to a new environment, he could even become a better performer because he will face new challenges with a fresh mind.
Mr Mukanzo volunteered to be transferred even to the newly created Lunga district in the Bangweulu swamps where he said his mind could open up saying in Milenge his mind is confined to a limited radius.
He said it was difficult to appreciate working in Milenge because there was no radio and television signal and that even newspapers never reached the district.
“We are backwards here and there is no source of news from anywhere and we do not know what is happening in the Zambia. It is difficult to make any progress in this environment,” he said.
And Luapula Province Minister Rodgers Mwewa agreed with Mr Mukanzo that transfers were important because they bring new challenges and new ways of thinking to people.
He said the PF Government will support the decentralization policy because it will help in addressing issues of local transfers and other disciplinary cases as opposed to centralised system in Lusaka which delays decisions and implementation of programmes.
Mr Mwewa said it was important for every civil servant to feel motivated to do their work and the PF Government will soon embark on building houses for civil servants countrywide.
“We want to put a smile on your faces by improving your conditions of service and building decent houses for all civil servants countrywide,” he said.

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