Friday, 24 February 2012


A concerned Livingstone resident has called on the media to desist from politicising the issue concerning the realignment of certain districts to other provinces.
Edgar Kembe said the media is blowing the issue out of proportion when in fact the people of Southern province just want to air their views concerning the realignment of Chirundu and Itezhi-tezhi to Lusaka and Central provinces respectively.
Speaking in an interview in Livingstone yesterday, Mr Kembe who is also Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) Provincial Chairperson said the media need to take real factors instead of rushing to make the issue look political as this arises suspicion that there is a hidden agenda to the matter.
He said the government need to listen to the people and hold a dialogue with the chiefs and the people of Southern to properly explain the realignments and how people stand to benefit from such
He pointed out that people are not comfortable with the reasons given for the realignment and government should take it upon themselves to convince the people on the matter.
“Government is about what the people want as they put you in office and want to be served and it should be up to government to consult on the matter in order to keep peace in the country” he said.
Mr Kembe said people from all walks of life should be respected and be given a platform to air their views.
He also urged the media to stop making issues which looks like there is a tribal conflict going on when people just want to be heard.
He cited Northern province where he said there has never been a time when a Tonga became a Minister there yet Southern province has had more than three (3) people who are not  from the province who became provincial ministers and when issues are raised the word tribal is quickly brought into the matter.
He said the people are willing to cooperate with provincial minister if he can apologies and show remorse for his statements that offend the people in the province instead of saying one thing today and another tomorrow.
Youths from the UPND have threatened to protest over the realignment of the two districts from Southern province to Lusaka and Central provinces, a move that has received mixed reactions from people who have since called on government to hold talks with the people of Southern province to allow them a chance to fully understand the decisions taken by government.

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