Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Barotse Royal Establishment Ngambela Wainyae Sinyinda has refuted media reports that he has rescinded the March 2012 Barotse National Council resolutions.
This is according a press statement released by the office of the Ngambela and made available to ZANIS in Mongu today.
Ngambela Sinyinda said the story currently being published by various media houses in the country that the BRE has withdrawn secession calls were malicious, false and unfounded.
He said the BNC is the supreme organ of the Barotse governance system that has the final say on issues of policy and governance hence the Kuta has no right nor power to undo or alter the resolutions of the BNC.
Ngambela Sinyinda said the March 2012 BNC resolutions can only be withdrawn or be amended by holding another BNC.
“I, in the last four days chose to be silent on this matter upon realizing that the government has stopped commenting. With reference to the Times of Zambia, article of April 3rd 2012, please note that at no time did I tell the reporter what I am reported to have said” the statement said.
He warned that media houses should exercise restraint and demonstrate sense of responsibility in a matter that is highly sensitive.
Ngambela Sinyinda has however called for peace and calm as the BRE engage the Zambian government in line with the dictates of the resolutions number nine.

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