Thursday, 26 April 2012


A 35 year old male teacher of Singwamba Basic School in Nguba zone in Chief Nyawa’s area in Kazungula District was brutally murdered by unknown people on Thursday night last week.
The deceased teacher who was buried yesterday at his father’s village in Maibwe was identified as Obrain Kasuku.
This came to light yesterday during ZANIS’s tour of duty in Chief Nyawa’s area.
Stanley Mwaanga of Sikwaza village told ZANIS that he found the body of the deceased teacher with dip cuts on his face and lying in cold blood on Friday morning between Nazibula area and Singwamba Basic School.
Mr Mwaanga explained that the teacher is suspected to have been murdered on Thursday night as he was coming from his father’s place in Maibwe village going back to his school.
He further narrated that Kalomo police were later informed on the incident and police officers came to collect the body and took it to Kalomo Hospital mortuary.
Meanwhile, Chief Nyawa of the Toka-leya of Kazungula District has bemoaned the high levels of crime that has rocked his chiefdom.
Commenting on the murder case of the deceased teacher in his chiefdom, Chief Nyawa said he was saddened by the incident.
The Chief said his people were now living in fear because of the crime levels that has become unbearable in his area.
He said lack of a police post in the chiefdom has contributed to the increase in number of criminals threatening the lives of his people.
Chief Nyawa has called upon the government to consider putting up a police post in the area saying in the last two month, criminals have been following up peasant farmers in the chiefdom.
He disclosed that one of the farmers was recently robbed of K17.9 million by armed robbers while the other one was attacked but nothing was stolen from him because neighbours came to his aid on time.
The Chief also disclosed that early this month, thieves stole 97 by 50kgs of white maize at Nyawa satellite depot belonging to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) and were later apprehended by Zimba police in Kalomo district.

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