Friday, 20 April 2012


Former President Daniel arap Moi’s son Philip faced off in court with his estranged wife for the first time over the upkeep of their two children.
Former President Moi's son Philip Moi in court April 19, 2012
where he was ordered to pay his estranged wife Rossana Pluda
Sh500,000 for upkeep payment and children maintenance.
Mr Moi and Ms Rossana Pluda were in court following an order issued last week that they both be present during the hearing of two applications they have filed.
Mr Moi’s appearance in court ended what has been a hide and seek game with the police after warrants for his arrest were issued for failing to honour a court order to cater for his wife’s and children’s maintenance.
And as a punishment for not honouring the court directions, he was ordered to pay Ms Pluda Sh500,000 by close of business on Thursday.
Appear in person
In addition, Mr Justice Isaac Lenaola ordered him to appear in court in person on May 18 when he will issue a ruling in another petition Mr Moi filed challenging the constitutionality of the warrant of arrest.
Justice Lenaola questioned each of them to establish who was misleading the court.
Ms Pluda complained that she had not been able to pay her debts and was planning to leave the country if Mr Moi refused to pay Sh7.6 million, which had accrued from the monthly upkeep he was directed to pay.
“The situation is worse especially with the upkeep of children. I do not want to stay in the country any more because I have electricity bills and medical bills,” she said.
She demanded that Mr Moi pays her Sh2 million immediately. However, Mr Moi said he was only able to raise Sh400,000.
“I’m a human being just like any other Kenyan and it is unfair for someone to wake up one morning and demand Sh1 million just because I am a son of former President Moi.”
Mr Justice Lenaola concurred that raising Sh2 million within a day was difficult, but ruled that Mr Moi had friends who could assist him raise Sh500,000 within a day to pay Ms Pluda failure to which he would issue a fresh order to have him locked up in prison.
Petition for divorce
Mr Moi and Ms Pluda have been at the centre of numerous legal tussles revolving around the upkeep of their children after she filed a petition for divorce in December 2008.
In October last year, Mr Justice GBM Kariuki ordered Mr Moi to pay Ms Pluda Sh250,000 a month for her upkeep and the maintenance of their two children.
The former president’s son failed to pay and in February the judge ordered that he be arrested and jailed at the Industrial Area Prison for a month unless he paid all maintenance due from him to Ms Pluda.

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