Saturday, 7 April 2012


A clergy in Kalulushi has called on the country not to depend on the government to do everything for them.
The Voice of God Church Bishop Dickson Sinyangwe said many youths in the country have been depending on the government to create employment for them instead of working hard.
Bishop Sinyangwe was speaking in an interview in Kalulushi on thursday saying the Church has been advising youths not to be lazy but to work hard.
He said many churches never wanted to tell their youths on the benefits of hardworking and as a result the youths remain unproductive.
The Bishop recalled that when he was young in the village his parents were advising him to work hard hence his house hold did not experience poverty.
And Saint Francis Catholic Church upcoming priest said his church was encouraging the youths to continue working hard.
He said the Catholics believed in hard work because working hard was the only way to the better future.

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