Thursday, 5 April 2012


Kitwe District Administrative Officer Mwape Kasanda has urged farmers in Kitwe District to adopt modern farming techniques.
Mr Kasanda has also urged farmers in Kitwe district to diversify in their crop production in order to enhance their productivity.
Mr Kasanda observed that the production of maize only by most farmers has led to the high levels of mal-nutrition prevailing in the district’s per-urban areas.
He said crop diversification would help eradicate child malnutrition and high poverty levels in the district and the country at large.
Mr Kasanda was speaking at a Farmer’s field day in Kitwe’s Mufuchani farming area yesterday which was held under the theme ‘Fighting Child Malnutrition through crop diversification and yield improvement ’.
He however said government will continue supporting the Agriculture sector so that the sector’s performance is enhanced to ensure food security at household and national level.
He further assured the farmers of government’s continued support to the small scale farmers through the supply of subsidized farming inputs through the Farmers Input Support Programme.
The District Administrative Officer further assured farmers that government will continue giving them guidance on good farming techniques through the Agriculture and Livestock extension workers and further urging the farmers to make use of these officers at their disposal.
And speaking earlier, Mufuchani Camp Agriculture Committee (CAC) Chairperson Dennis Yonga said farmers are facing a challenge of dilapidated roads which makes it difficult for them to transport their produce to the markets.
Mr Yonga said the roads become impassable during the rainy season.
He also disclosed that farmers in the area have a problem of land ownership insecurity because they have no title deeds for which they are occupying despite having stayed in the area for many years.
He further stated that the camp has no clinic or a school nearby which he said were important to their livelihood.
And Mr Yonga thanked Non-Governmental Organizations and the Kitwe Land Alliance for the support they rendered to the farmers through provision of farming inputs and guidance on land acquiring procedures.

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