Wednesday, 27 October 2010


The Anglican Church in Zambia (ZAC) says it will continue to work with Government, Non- governmental organsiations NGOs and other churches in an effort to improve the lives of Zambian people..
ZAC  presiding  Bishop of Eastern Diocese William  Muchombo said the Anglican church  is among  the dominations that has been assisting  the Zambian people  through the provision of health, education  and other social needs , especially  in rural areas since 1910.
Bishop Muchombo added that the church was grateful to God for the wonderful works he had allowed the church to carry out in the country.
He said this during a press briefing held at Lusaka hotel to mark 100 years of the Anglican existence in Zambia.
The Anglican Church has for the past 6 months been carrying out activities in all its dioceses in the country to mark its centenary celebrations.
On October 31, the Church will have a thanksgiving service in Lusaka at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross and President Rupiah Banda is expected to officiate at the service.
 And Anglican Church honourally Canon Dennis Liwewe said it is a great achievement that Zambia is a Christian nation hence the need for the young generation to know the word of God.
Mr Liwewe said God is on top of Christian nature from which the Anglican Church draws strength and described this as a good lesson to the young generation.

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