Saturday, 30 October 2010


Chiengi Constituency MP Katele Kalumba has hailed government’s good agriculture policies which he says has helped boost food security in the area.
Speaking to ZANIS in an interview in Chiengi, Dr Kalumba said it is gratifying to note that government’s good agriculture policies had brought dividends to most people in the area as there was now more food grown than in the recent past.
Dr Kalumba said the policy has infact helped turn Chiengi from a mere fishing district to an agriculture area that is contributing to national food security.
The Parliamentarian said in the past Chiengi used to be just a village of fishermen that relied on relief food, but all that has changed because government has shown the people in the area that they can be able to produce food like any other region in Zambia.
“Look this area was just about fishing, but now it is producing maize because people have been shown that they can produce maize like other people elsewhere in the country,” Dr Kalumba said.
And Chiengi outgoing District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO) Stanley Chibwe said rice farmers in Chiengi district will greatly benefit from their produce if deliberate measures are taken to setup a rice milling and packaging plant as National Milling Company (NMC ) has done in Mongu.
He said lack of utilisation outlet like the rice milling in Mongu is affecting the business of rice farmers in Chiengi where farmers last year produced over 30,000 x 40 kg bags of rice.

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