Sunday, 3 October 2010


Zambians in the Diaspora, have been urged to apply for land in Zambia through their respective missions and associations so that they have something to lean on upon return home.
Zambia’s Acting High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Kasanga made the call to Zambians abroad saying during recent discussions he held with the Commissioner of Lands, he had been assured that their applications for land would be given priority because it was Government’s desire to encourage them to invest back home.
The Acting High Commissioner made the call when he officiated at an economic forum organised by the Zambian Association in South Africa (ZASA) at the African Heritage Society in Sandton, Saturday.
In a Statement to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Second Secretary for Press at the Zambian mission in South Africa Philip Chirwa said the forum featured Madison Asset Management Company, which discussed the proposed establishment of the Diaspora Investment Trust Fund, and the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) Diaspora Desk.
‘’I have been in touch with the Commissioner of Lands, Mr Mulenga, who indicated to me that this issue (acquisition of land by Zambians in the Diaspora) is being taken seriously and that those who have already submitted their applications to his office are being attended to,’’ he told the audience.
Mr Kasanga commended ZASA Chairman, Edwin Mununga, and his executive for the good job they were doing by bringing high ranking government and company executives from Zambia to interact with its members on various issues concerning the Zambian community in South Africa.
Since January, this year, ZASA has invited chief executives of National Housing Authority, Citizens Economic Empowerment Commission , State House Diaspora Desk and Zambia Development Agency to address its members on their respective operations in a bid to encourage the members to invest back home.
Earlier, Mr Kasanga commended the South African government for the hospitality extended to a group of officers from Lusaka’s Staff College in Kamwala who had gone to that country for a study tour as part of their practical training. The officers, ranging in rank from Major to Colonel, included 12 from Zambia and one each from Malawi, Uganda, Tanzania and Namibia.
The statement said the officers were led by Colonel Milton Njolomba, Chief Instructor at the Staff College on the army side.
Speaking at a cocktail hosted for the officers  by the Zambia High Commission at Loftus Restaurant in Pretoria, Friday evening, Mr Kasanga noted that Zambia and South Africa enjoyed very special historical warm relations and that this was demonstrated by the hospitality accorded to the officers during their stay in South Africa.
‘’We put this small cocktail to demonstrate the importance we attach to the officers’ mission here. We recognise the noble work that they came for, which is training. We urge them to put into practice what they learnt here as this will go a long way in sharpening their skills,’’ he said.

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