Friday, 15 October 2010


ELEVEN  miners including one onlooker have been shot and serious wounded by Chinese nationals at the Collum Coal Mine in Sinazongwe district in Southern Province.
Sinazongwe District Commissioner (DC) Oliver Pelete confirmed the development to ZANIS today that the 11 people were shot while they were presenting their grievances of poor working conditions to Chinese Management at shaft two, one .
Mr Pelete has since informed the police to arrest the Chinese nationals involved in the shooting of the miners and to investigate the motive of their shooting.
“At the moment I have no exact information of what led to the shooting of the miners.The investigating wings should carry out their investigations first,” Mr Pelete said.
The DC who escorted the injured miners to Maamba Hospital said doctors were attending to them though two miners were in critical condition.
A check by ZANIS at Maamba Hospital found doctors and health personnel attending to the 11 injured miners.
The 11 injured miners include, Simon Simwete 28, Abby Siameba 25, Virason Mwanamusiya 24, Madinda Siamubotu 27, Wisbone Simukonda 25, Boston Munakazela 21, Wallen Muntanga 28 and Humphrey Sinuka 24.
Others are, Brighton Sianfuno 21, Bowas Syapwaya 21, and Vincent Chengele 20.
Meanwhie, Nkandabbawe and Sinazeze residents have also blocked the road leading to the Chinese Collum mine and no vehicle is being allowed to go in or out of the mine.
Sinazeze police had difficulties to disperse the residents that blocked the road leading to the Chinese Collum mine.

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