Friday, 1 October 2010


President Rupiah Banda
By The Globe Reporter
President Rupiah Banda has asked Nigeria’s business community to make Zambia its “first port of call” for business.
Addressing the Zambia Nigeria Business Forum during his visit to Nigeria to celebrate that country’s 50 years of independence, President Banda, who took a delegation of more than 50 leading Zambian businessmen and women with him, described trade and investment opportunities offered by Zambia as excellent.
“Zambia feels extremely fortunate to have Nigeria as a partner in economic development. Our two countries have a great deal to offer each other for the mutual benefit of both,” President Banda said. “Nigeria’s independence celebrations offer a perfect opportunity to showcase the immense investment and trade potential that Zambia has to offer. The business communities of our two nations have much to learn from, and share with, each other.”

President Banda said he had followed with keen interest the impressive economic progress that Nigeria had achieved.

“I am proud that Zambia has also made significant economic progress, with growth driven by expansion in the mining, agriculture and tourism sectors,” he said. “As Nigeria celebrates its 50th independence anniversary let this be a turning point. I urge Nigerian businesses to expand – and to look to Zambia as a first port of call. There is, without doubt, room for our two countries to strengthen trade and investment ties.”


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  3. Sure,President Banda's move to ask well off nigerians to invest in zambia is a good thing the president can ever do... now that zambians are in dire need of new developements.But one must be astute when making such a move.You see,many well off nigerians are exactly as ominous as those you see in horrendous dvd movies from that country.Take for instance the movie, billionaire...and the like--all portray evil.Good heaven! Who want a satanist or cultist for his boss,anyway?