Friday, 12 August 2011


Preparations for President Rupiah Banda's rally in Chipata, Eastern Province is in top gear.
President Banda
The rally  is slated for Chipata Golf Course on Saturday August 13 and is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of Chipata residents.
A check by ZANIS at the venue in Chipata today found workers busy putting the place in order.
It  will be President Banda's second public rally after successfully filling in his nominations with the first one being in Kembe Constituency, in Central province, yesterday.
Speaking in an interview Chipata District MMD Chairperson Sinoya Mwale said MMD members countrywide are anxious and ready to kick start campaigns that will see President Rupiah Banda and the MMD being given another five year mandate.
Mr Mwale said all is set for intense campaigns in Eastern Province as the party has mobilized members at all grassroots levels, adding that come 20 September, victory for the MMD is guaranteed.
He assured President Banda that he would get 99 percent of the votes in Eastern Province because of the unprecedented achievements his administration has managed to record in the three years he has been in office.
Mr Mwale further stated that President Banda is an automatic favourite for the electorates because of his good leadership qualities.
And the Chipata District MMD Chairperson stated that his party will conduct issue based campaigns based on what on what the party has managed to do since taking over the gopvernance of the country.
Mr Mwale said the party will also conduct violent free campaigns because it believes that violence is detrimental to the social and economic development of any country.
He advised other political parties to desist from perpetuating violence but concentrate on selling themselves to the electorates, saying each political party has a manifesto that it must concentrate on selling to the people.
Mr Mwale said the MMD has so far sold its manifesto well and people are able to see and appreciate that the party has never swayed from what it has being promising the people.
Meanwhile, residents of Chipata Central Constituency in Eastern Province have vowed to give President Rupiah Banda and the MMD another term in office because of the good policies the MMD Government has being implementing.
ZANIS reports from Chipata that several residents expressed confidence in separate  in Chipata today that the MMD government under President Banda is a success story needing to be given another term.
“ The MMD government under President Banda has built roads, bridges, schools and hospitals in a short period of time that has immensely helped in uplifting the standard of living of the people throughout the country, “ they said.
One of the residents Esnala Phiri noted that the MMD government under President Banda has worked tirelessly to develop the country and that records are there for all to see.
Ms Phiri said Government's good policies in agriculture have seen the country registering two successive bumper harvests that have helped to secure food security for the country.
She further noted that there is increased foreign direct investment into the country that has resulted in wealth and job creation for the local people in the country.
“ Government's women empowerment programme has helped a lot of families to come out of poverty as women were able to access loans to start small businesses to sustain their families, “ she said .
She said President Banda therefore deserves another chance to govern the country in order for the country to sustain the achievements it has recorded so far and also to complete projects his administration has embarked on.
Her colleague ,  Rogers Soko has advised all Zambians to safeguard peace and unity as the country goes to the polls.
Mr Soko said all well meaning Zambians must come out and denounce politicians who will want to fuel violence during the forthcoming elections.
He said Zambians should not allow what is happening in other countries to be replicated in the country as the nation was a naturally peaceful country.
He further called on the youths to reject violent politicians and all that have a propensity for violence.
Mr Soko said the nation should not slumber and allow peace to be disturbed, saying if that is let to happen, the country will risk losing all the economic gains it has managed to score over the years.

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