Wednesday, 31 August 2011


Government says there is nothing sinister and unusual about removing the GRZ number plates from the vehicles government procured for the Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily-mail.
And government has handed over 5 vehicles to the Zambia Daily-mail and 5 other vehicles to Times of Zambia.
ZANIS report Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Sam Phiri saying this in a statement, today.
Dr Phiri explained that the ten vehicles bore the GRZ number plates because they were bought by government.
He said the GRZ number plates were removed after the registration and documentation of the named vehicles was completed.
He said the vehicles in question bore the GRZ number plates for accountability purposes since their purchase.
Meanwhile, Dr Sam handover the 5 fives vehicles to the Zambia Daily-mail and another 5 to Times of Zambia.
He said the donation is aimed at enhancing the day to day operations of the two state media in their quest to serve the people better.
Dr Sam noted that despite the advent of the internet traditional media such as the news paper remains important and a viable means of disseminating news and information.
He said the donation of the vehicles by government is a clear indication that government remains resolved to continue investing in the development and growth of the media industry for a well informed society.
Meanwhile Dr Sam has revealed that government intends to replace 63 analogue transmitters with digital transmitters by 2015 in line with the global digital migration.
He stressed that the development will enhance the provision of quality radio and television broadcasting services by the national broadcaster.

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