Friday, 9 September 2011


The Ethiopian Federal Prosecutor has filed charges against persons suspected of terrorists act including two Swedish journalists who were arrested during a fight with Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), the Ministry of Justice said.
At a news conference yesterday (Wednesday) , State Minister for Dispute Affairs with the Ministry of Justice, Berhanu Tsegaye said the Federal Prosecutor filed charges against the suspects under the file, Elias Kifle.
It has also filed a suit against two Swedish journalists who were arrested during the fight with ONLF under the file, Abdiwoli Mohammed Ismael, he added.
Ethiopia News Agency (ENA) reports that according to Berhanu, the Federal Prosecutor has charged the suspects of attempting to dismantle Ethiopia's constitutional system through an organised armed group.
He said the Prosecutor charged the members of the group operating under the mastermind, Elias Kifle, in collaboration with five organisations which are regarded as terrorist groups, and the Government of Eritrea with attempting to commit terror acts.
Berhanu said the suspects, who were organised in underground terror group in 2003 EC, were also charged with an attempt of destroying electricity and telephone as well as fiber networks existing in Addis Ababa City, Dessie, Woldiya, Harar, Hawassa, Assosa, Wollega, Jijiga and Gondar by collaborating with foreign terror groups.
The suspects include Elias Kifle, Zerihun Gebreegziabher Tadesse, Woubshet Taye Abebe and Hirut Kifle Woldeyes.
According to Berhanu, the defendants were accused on four counts of charges.
The charges include involving in terror act, commit terrorist act and using fraudulent money for terror act and extending financial support to terrorist acts.
Berhanu said the suspects, Elias Kifle and Hirut Kifle, were also found guilty of committing terror acts previously.
He said the Federal Prosecutor has also filed charges on members of ONLF and two Swedish journalists arrested during the fight with ONLF.
The Swedish journalists were charged with advancing and supporting ONLF's subversive acts and participating in terrorist organisation and violating the sovereignty of the nation.
According to Ethiopia's State Minister, the government has concrete evidence for the charges.
The Federal High Court, which received the suits, has adjourned the case to October 17 2011.

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